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Has the time come for long-term strategies, a cool overview and analytical intelligence in a market ruled by the law of the jungle?

SORTH & CO are specialists in helping private companies and organisations to develop through qualitative assessment and recruitment of the right people with the right competencies. We are determined to ensure that every single recruitment process we are involved in creates business and progress for our client, and value and enterprise for the new employee.

Every year, we are responsible for the recruitment of a number of people for our clients across all areas of industry and Commerce - local as well as international, and we ensure successful processes in a wide range of areas in their organisations. Our experience and competence covers a wide range, including specialised key employees, middle managers and executive level positions. Our process can be customised to ensure that the method always supports the optimal process and the organisational level.

We are a consultancy that is recognised for creating sustainable solutions and a high degree of accuracy by challenging people positively, using a robust process and utilising strong interview competencies. We have comprehensive experience from hundreds of recruitment processes, an even greater number of personality assessments and from the thousands of interviews and clarification interviews we have held with prospective candidates.