Collaboration with media journalists, the Danish police authority, psychologists and journalists enhances our interviewing competencies and techniques

Every stage in the recruitment process is an important piece of an intricate puzzle that comes together to make a successful recruitment. However, at SORTH & CO we argue that the interview process is specifically a very important part of the process.

Through extensive education and training, acting as a sounding board and having conducted thousands of interviews, we have developed and refined our interviewing competence - and defined ourselves as interviewers. The excellent and value-creating interview is more than simply having interviewing and listening competencies. At SORTH & CO we appreciate the ability to create space, define roles and we master the interview techniques as means of inquiry and instruments.

As consultants through the years we have established both formal and informal partnerships, such as leading police interrogators, political journalists, psychologists, media professionals and a host of other professionals, who like us, are challenged by interviewing people. Through acting as a sounding board with this network of people and by focusing on our goal of becoming the best in our profession, we ensure continuously development of our interviewing competencies.