Executive Search

The difference between success and mediocrity

SORTH & CO have comprehensive experience in the search processes that enable our clients to recruit the candidate that precisely meet the position's requirements. To ensure the pool of candidates matches the profile that we have defined in collaboration with our client, we recruit using a validated search method, based on many years of experience. Through our search process we have contributed to the successful recruitment of hundreds of people, including executive and managerial profiles as well as key specialists all individuals that make the difference between success and mediocrity. But how do you define search?

SORTH & CO Search:
Search is the method we must use every time the company requires a manager or key profile who does not come knocking or in situations where the process must be carried out confidentially and with complete discretion. SORTH & CO search combines a series of qualitative and quantitative measures that ensure the profile that will make all the difference in the job is present during the process. The work does not require black magic or gut feelings it is based on a wide range of structured and well-tested processes, combined with a massive network, sharp project management and strong communicative competencies.

A successful SORTH & CO search is always based on effective collaboration between the consultants and our researchers, where all of the roles, efforts and the ethical foundation are well-defined. This interplay creates a search that is fast, efficient and far-reaching and brings the right candidates into play. At the same time it ensures a positive and value-creating process for everyone both our customer and our candidates.